New yoga classes for beginners

BKS virabhadrasana 1Iyengar Yoga Zug is offering many new yoga classes for beginners (Level 1) starting this week.

The courses are ideal for people who have not done yoga, or have had a longer break. The Level 1 courses are also a perfect starting point for people who have not experienced Iyengar Yoga before.

We are working on the basic poses (mostly standing poses, sitting poses, and forward bends) and learn shoulder stand in a safe way. You will be working on your strength, stamina and flexibility, bringing life into your whole body. At the same time you are refining you awareness and your perception in a holistic way.

Our classes are taught in German and/or English, depending on the languages spoken by the people attending.

In order to see if you get inspired by Iyengar Yoga (like we did), you can buy our “trial-month”, which allows you to attend up to 6 classes of your choice during one month.

Register by emailing or just turn up ten minutes before a class.