Yoga classes for beginners

Are you looking for a systematic start into yoga? In our studio, you can learn Iyengar Yoga, a classic yoga style, practised world-wide and highly respected, with well-educated teachers.

Join one of our yoga classes for beginners:

  • Monday – 9am
  • Tuesday – 9am
  • Thursday – 7:45pm
  • Friday – 6pm

All Level 1 classes are perfectly suitable for you if you want to start your yoga practise, and if you have no experience with yoga. In the Level 1 classes, we are working on the basic yoga postures (mostly standing poses, but also simple forward bends and backbends, as well as shoulder balance), and we take enough time to get to know the poses in detail.

Of course, you are also welcome to join our Level 1 classes if you have some yoga experience, but want to work on your yoga poses in a safe and systematic manner.