Good news for summer 2021

We have a lot of good news for you for the start of the summer!

  1. We can now practise yoga without any limitations again, in particular without mask and without a limit of the number of people. We are very happy about that, and we are looking forward to moving around more freely in the studio, e.g. to use the wall and the ropes again. If you still want to be cautious: our groups generally have a very moderate size at the moment, and our studio is really large anyway.
  2. We are open the whole summer. All classes are open for all levels.
  3. Apart from our standard classes, we are also offering special classes during summer:
    – Early Bird each Friday morning from 7am to 8am (with Anna Dahinden)
    – Beginners’ Class each Tuesday evening from 8pm to 9pm (with Anna Dahinden)
  4. If you want to practise yoga intensively in summer, you can profit from our unlimited yoga summer cards: 1 week for CHF 80, 2 weeks for CHF 150, and 4 weeks for CHF 260. A good way to get back into a regular practise!

We are looking forward to seeing you!