¡ Relaunch !

After almost one and a half years of pandemic with a lot of restrictions and reductions on all levels we are relaunching Iyengar Yoga Zug!

Schedule of classes

Our schedule now contains 15 classes throughout the whole week! With our relaunch we have renamed our classes: 

  • Foundation: Class for people without or with hardly any Iyengar yoga experience. 
  • Intermediate: Class for people with 6 months of Iyengar yoga practise.
  • Gentle: Gentle class for people of all ages.
  • Dynamic: Active class for those who want to sweat every now and then and who want to work on cardio.
  • Restorative: Quiet class with a lot of props and poses held for a long time.
  • Back Care Basics: Yoga for a strong back.
  • Women’s Class: Class especially for women: we work on problems during menstruation or menopause, as well as pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Early Bird: Yoga for everybody in the early morning (60 minutes).
  • Lunch-Yoga: Yoga for everybody during lunch time (60 minutes).

Our classes take place every morning at 9am (Mondays to Saturdays), and in the evenings at 6pm and 7:45pm (Mondays to Thursdays), except the dynamic class on Thursdays at 8pm; Early Bird is in the morning at 7am, and lunch yoga at noon.

Gift for our relaunch 

From today until September 30, 2021, we offer you a discount on all our cards and passes:

  • 50% discount on a trial class or a trial month (you can also buy a trial class or a trial month if you have been in our studio before)
  • CHF 50 discount on all other cards and passes.

The fine print: discounts cannot be combined.