Costs and Conditions

Are you still studying or at school and younger than 25 years old? You will get a 50% discount on all our cards and passes! Just bring your student card with you.

Trial month/trial class

We offer special cards for people who join our classes for the first time.

Trial month (4 classes) 100 Fr.
Trial class 30 Fr.


Valid in all classes.

1 class 40 Fr.
5 classes valid 3 months 180 Fr.
10 classes valid 4 months 320 Fr.
20 classes valid 6 months 600 Fr.
40 classes valid 12 months 1’120 Fr.

Cards for Lunch-Yoga and Early Bird

Valid in our Lunch-Yoga and Early Bird classes (60 minutes).

1 class 30 Fr.
5 classes valid 3 months 135 Fr.
10 classes valid 4 months 240 Fr.
20 classes valid 6 months 450 Fr.

Unlimited passes

If you want to attend 2 or more yoga classes per week, our unlimited passes are just right for you.

Pass 3 months 550 Fr.
Pass 6 months 1’000 Fr.
Pass 12 months 1’800 Fr.

Private classes

We offer private classes (60 minutes) on request.

1 class 160 Fr.
10 classes valid 12 months 1’300 Fr.


  • You have to pay your card or pass before attending the first class.
  • All cards and passes are for you personally and cannot be transferred to somebody else.
  • The duration of cards and passes cannot be extended.
  • Unused classes expire when your card expires.
  • The studio is closed on public holidays.
  • Fullt-time students receive a discount of 50% on all our cards and passes (except for private classes). Please bring your student ID.
  • We can change the timetable at any time, in particular during Zug school holidays.
  • It’s your sole responsibility to have appropriate insurance for the yoga class; we expressly disclaim all liability.
  • Further terms and conditions are listed in our “Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen” (AGB, in German).