Iyengar Yoga

BKS virabhadrasana 1Iyengar Yoga is a powerful and active form of Hatha Yoga. It is named after BKS Iyengar (December 14, 1918 – August 20, 2014), who had lived in Pune, India. In this classical form of yoga mainly asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) are practised.

A yoga class in the style of BKS Iyengar consists of a series of active postures. These postures are very dynamic and intense and they are practised with great precision. Every cell in the body is activated, the concentration spreads through the whole body. The result is an intense quietness of the mind. At the end of each lesson there is a period of relaxation.

During the lesson a number of props may be used. This makes it possible that also people who are not so flexible and/or strong can experience the beneficial effects of the yoga poses.

Iyengar yoga is an intelligent way to work with your body and your mind. It improves your general posture, your ability to concentrate and your emotional stability.

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